Wednesday 20 April 2016

The Tallyman 20/04/16: A Giant Dump...

Ok so, lets just ignore the fact I skipped a month, and that this post is a bit early (or 20 days late, whichevs). But I didn't get anything painted in March, so it would of been a bit of a crop post. Also May isn't looking like a blinder of a month either - something about end of module assessments or something... Anyway, forwards into the breach!

With the painting disaster zone that was March over and done with, lets get on with what I've been up to in April...

April started out quite slow, I had a hard time concentrating on any single project, I managed to make a start on a whole variety of thigs:

But nothing really 'stuck'. I did get a couple of things conpleted tho, like this White Lion for Kingdom Death: Monster

Gold/Red is the new White.
When I was about to resign myself to another disapointing Tallyman update, my phone chirped to signal an update on one of my Kickstarter projects. I opened it, and saw this:

And I thought to myself, "Hey, remember when you painted the Zombicide base game? That was fun. Remember how the game looked much cooler with painted models. Remember how it took you 5 months? Do you reckon you could do it again? But in, like, 2 months?" For some reason I thought that yes, yes I can do it again, in under half the time it took last go around. So i cracked open my copy of Black Plague and went about priming models.

And here's the end results:

So, that's 18 models painted, and 0 purchases. After a slow start, it really kicked up a gear. I'm onto the main bulk of the zombies next, so lets see how that goes for me.

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  1. I have neveer play zombicide yet. But i want to play right now!
    Apocalipsis zombie!

    My last game was this one