Monday, 24 November 2014

Finshed Models and eBay Oldhammer

Firstly; Some Graduates from my painting queue...
 Recently eBay has been very good to me - and after selling a whole bunch of unused Epic I had a bit of cash to play around with - here's some of the things I picked up:

Reaper Were-Rat
Wargames Foundry Mercenary Orcs (OOP?)- with Queen and Jester
The Mother lode!
 Among the Chaos Champions I also managed to nab myself a Space Skeleton (finally!), a couple of Chaos Warriors, a Pygmy and I also picked up a Space Pirate Loritta.

Anyway, enough of me showing off the extent of my eBay addiction.
Until next time!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Paint Queue

So, I decided to arrange my current painting projects into a painting queue with the help of a chess board. 20-25mm bases take up one square, 40-50mm take up 4, and so on and so fourth. The only rule is that to add a new model to the queue, space must be cleared for it.

I've found it a fun way to focus myself whilst still giving me freedom to flit between projects (also, it limits my potential paint queue to a maximum of 64 models, so it's not as daunting).

Monday, 3 November 2014

Orctober Unending

Ok, so, i'm only a little late for the end of Orctober. But i did get my model finished (ish). The photo quality is a bit crap (the lighting in my current set-up is a bit basic) but hopefully it doesn't look too washed-out and awful. 

Anyway! Onwards and upwards!