Sunday, 13 October 2013

eM-4-Miniatures Cybertech Bunkerbreaker, Phagon, and Savages.

Recently, i've become more and more interested in the oldhammer movement, and decided that now is the time to run straight to eBay and buy myself some minis (note: it doesn't take much to make me buy minis...).

After, what felt like, an age of disappointing auction results i was left empty handed. To avoid further heartbreak i decided to track down some Rogue Trader-alike models so i can start off a small army.

Enter eM-4-Miniatures. And the Pics!

All-in-all they are pretty decent sculpts (not too detailed to stand out against RT models, but then also not amorphous blobs of lead) and the casting on the Phagons (the Beastmen in SPAAAACE) was excellent. 

There were a couple of what looks like air bubbles on the Trooper, but they are in places you wouldn't normally see (unless you took him out to dinner first)

Now, the savages...

These are models that i brought with no real distinct purpose. Maybe as Chaos Cultists, or Rogue Traders, or Mercenarys, or Raiders (if i ever collect the tabletop Fallout stuff), or (more obviously) a Necromunda gang. 

I'm sure I'll find a use for them somewhere. 

The models are all great sculpts, very characterful - the guy with the top-hat and the fat bloke are personal favorites. I look forward to painting them

In conclusion, I'm a very happy customer (so much so, I've placed a second order). I'm interested in seeing their plastics, I'll post up some pictures when they arrive.

Best get painting then...

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mars Attacks Kickstarter!

Look at that! Now, whilst I've backed Mantic's latest Kickstarter, I'm not a huge Mars Attacks fan (it was always more popular stateside than over here). But what i am, is a huge Judge Dredd fan.

Mantic's latest update had this as an upcoming goal.

Well, I'm sold.