Friday, 20 June 2014

Hobby Update: Deadzone, Oldhammer, Beastmen and a disaster!

It's really got everything in this update!

First things first! What's on my table?

I'm making some progress on my Scibor Minotaurs, they're all built, based and one of them is even fully painted! That's it. That's all the progress I've made on the Beastmen in the last three months. Might need to pick up the pace a little...

Ahh, Deadzone, the place I've made some progress!
WIP of my plague strider -

 More in-progress shots of my Plague Mortars (when you get the chance to make a Squirtle, you make two)

 My Gen 1 has found himself some fancy new shoulder armour (sadly, he's still looking for a weapon) -

 My second batch of Gen 2's are awaiting  green stuff and basing -

And painting is under way for the first set -
Oldhammer Minis:
The great priming of 2014 has begun for my (non-warband) Oldhammer guys!
These guys are mostly dwarves and goblins and the like, with the odd halfling and hobgoblin thrown in for good measure.

In this photo you'll see the bases i'm using for all my pre-slotta (or non-slotta) models. Basically 2p's for big bases and 1p's for small ones. There are some advantages to this (price for one - 50/100 bases for a pound? bargain) and there's a reassuring heft to the models.

There are, of course, some downsides too - the big one being that I'm pretty sure this is illegal... but we'll keep this between us, ok? Snitches get stitches and all that.

All i do is stick the models to the base with super glue then smooth around the edges with some Fimo. which brings us onto the 'disaster' portion of tonight's post...

An Oldhammer disaster!:
Well, you see, as I said before I use Fimo on the bases to hide the join between the integral base and the coin, bake it in the oven and you've got a rock-hard join, job done. This method has suited me just fine with these models and everyone was happy.

Right up until last night. Where I may of accidental left the oven on a little high, or a little too long, or a combination of both (the summer heat may of cooked my brain) which lead to this when I went to get my models out of the oven:

Really. That's not good too look at.
What you see there is two Mantic Dwarves, a four Chronicle N11 Black Orcs... well. They were that once, now they're metal splats.

On the upside, if you own any of those Black Orcs, they've gotten a little more valuable. Back to eBay for me, I guess...