Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mini model review

I brought a couple of the Bob Olley Psychic Mutant Scrunts for my Nurgle Squat army and I thought I'd give them a quick review:

Size wise they are slightly on the large size, I'd say they are in the 30mm scale range (scale pic above with GW dwarf and Mantic Forgefather) so they might be too big for foot troopers, but for characters and special troops they fit right in. They're a lot chunkier than you'd expect too. And the pictures on the site don't really do the detail of the models justice.

As for price? I brought 7 metal models for £20 including postage, so about £2.80 a model, so pricey, but about what you'd expect for a metal model.

Overall I'm impressed and will, almost certainly, buy some more once I get paid. I'll upload painted shots of them once i've got them done.

Monday, 27 February 2012

You look ill...

Finished my first squad of Nurgle Squats (or "Pestilent Forgefathers") and I'm quite pleased with them, the flock-gore was a bit of a hassle to work with but came out pretty cool. Hope to do some more of these soon.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snow basing

Had a go at doing snow again, overall I'm pleased. I think the gravel I used was too light tho, think I'll try again with a more mud-coloured one.