Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Putrid Blight Knights Incoming!

New models up for pre-order this weekend. Nurgle Ironguts! If i ever get around to starting my mono-nurgle daemons, the guy with the giant bell is a shoe-in for herald.

The top two models i'm not hot on (or the single pack guy) - too much "bwhaaa! Tentacles for everyone!" and not enough bloat and rot. but Bell-guy, Standard-Guy and the other one are all class acts. and at around £11 each for Heralds (plus two extra bodies and a ton of bits) it's actually decent value. ish.


  1. I'm not sure about these. They are obviously based on the success of the current Nurgle Lord but they don't seem to have the same character. Too much to them? The bell is a great idea but seems way too big. Maybe I need to se better pictures and reserve my judgement.

    1. I think they'll look nicer in real life, well at least 2/5ths of them will (I've changed my mind - from these pictures - I only like the standard and bell...end). The standard bearer guy looks like he has potential to be very nice.

      Now that you've mentioned it, how does he even ring that bell? Does he just waggle it from side to side? Or does he shake his whole body from side to side like hes doing the hokey cokey?

  2. The bell would definitely look better if it was bowing under it's own weight

  3. They honestly look good to me but I agree the bell seems waaaaay too heavy for that small staff...

    That said th ething that surprises me most is the colours used... Am I seeing pink, orange, puprle green, blue and yellow on the same model? Apart from the realistic metals, they could be taken as a nod towards the colour schemes of old.