Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I done made me a building!

Erm, yes. Excuse the title. 

Anyway, so I had all these terrain pieces lying around from the Deadzone Kickstarter,and I decided that I'd try and knock up a couple of pieces. I'm going for less of the Deadzone theme, more of a post-apocalypse sci-fi. Kinda like Gorkamorka meets Necromunda. Meets Fallout. Meets Metro 2023, I guess. 

Who's Tor? He owns the shop (and it is a shop), and he has some very dapper turtle friends. 
What's all this for? I dunno, I like collecting to a theme, and I'm going for PA Sci-Fi. Maybe someday I might play something with it all.
When will it all be done? Never? I'm not really working to a deadline here haha.

I've noticed that we're almost through with ORKtober, and I've not painted a single greenskin! I should probably get around to that....

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