Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mantic (and more) on Kickstarter

Over the weekend Mantic Games started a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise $5000 to fund tooling and the like to bring forward the release of some models (including the werewolves - left). Jumping forward to today, they're at $43,000 with some really cool stuff on the horizon (the fight wagons at 50k have some serious potential).

Check it out here

At the moment I've pledged $50, but if it goes over $50k, I'm likely to up my pledge to $100 (the bonuses at $100 are just too good to pass up).

Aside from Mantic, Stuido Mcvey have started a Kickstarter to help production of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster (think Space Hulk), which looks very nice indeed (the Strain models alone a cool enough) - $25 shipping to the UK is a little steep tho, now that it's funded I might just wait for its general release and pick up a copy.

Away from Kickstarter (but still with that Kickstarter feel) Avatars of War are going into the business of full armies and have launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to get a dwarf army into production (including dwarves riding war-bears) which sounds neat. They're only a day into their campaign and have already raised $2,600 of their $20,000 goal.

It seems like lot of the models they're wanting to produce will be in WarCast (their version of resin) and the last units they made in WarCast (Warriors of Apoc) suffered significant delays (they were released back at the beginning of the year and have only just started shipping out) due to unexpected demand. So it seems like further stressing an already stressed system wouldn't be a very good idea. That, and the fact that I'm not hugely interested in more dwarf models, means I'm going to watch this on from afar. Of course $20,000 would probably be enough for another spin-casting machine and operator (I believe WarCast is spin-cast) which could work though the backlog quicker.

In short, lots of nice things for the hobby coming soon!


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