Thursday, 15 October 2015

Kickstarter Roundup - Die Hard Minatures

It's the one we've all been waiting for:

Diehard Miniatures: Oldhammer Fantasy Miniatures

A very promising range of models, the Chaos Warriors and Undead are particular stand outs. Between Oldhammer, Mordheim, AoS, Kings of War and Frostgrave pushing it's way into the limelight, the models won't have a hard time finding a place in anyone's collection.

Diehard Undead, not an average model among them.
Way above standard.
There are some very interesting potential stretch goals coming up, or (I assume) future products if the line is successful, one that caught my eye was the "Lesser Spined Dragon", which sounds like a younger cousin of a certain Best-Dragon-Model-Ever. Time will tell.  

At the time of writing it's at around £6,400 of a £35,000 goal as it enters the "Kickstarter Dead Zone", the middle 20 days of a project. I would of preferred the project to be somewhere around £11,000 at this point, so at the moment, nothing is certain. Back the project HERE.

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