Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hobby ideas Volume 1: Orcs/Orks

Something that's been of interest to me lately is the idea of Chaos-corrupted Orcs (I mean, look at that picture!), they seem like a fun project to mess around with. I don't know if they'll work better as a 40k or Fantasy force - a fantasy force would fit in well with my United Chaos army project (that I've been working on during my blogging silence), but I 40k one would allow for more individual models, something that an army like this would require.
Another, similar, project would be the Ork Mekanicus Kult. An idea so cool that I can't believe that no one else has done it before (I'm sure many have, but my googling seems to be turning up a blank).
Of course, I can't be doing a 40k Ork army and not have a looted vehicle or two (Deffskulls are my favourite flavour of Ork) - and that Dreamforge Titan I have knocking around is just too tempting....
For the time being tho, I've already got enough on my plate. What with the new Zombicide boxes, the Reaper Bones (that's finally been shipped), Deadzone, Kingdom Death and a whole stack of Kickstarter stuff I've failed to mention (including the Dreadball stuff that keeps getting pushed back in the queue).
Although... With all my Deadzone add-ons, I've got a fairly sizeable Ork army coming my way in November...

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