Friday, 9 November 2012

LatD Stalk Tank finished!

Ok, so my Stalk Tank is a little different from others. And I have a very good and fluff reason for that (or, rather, I had the model and it was already base coated). It's based off of a AT-43 Cog Prowler, all I've added is the tanks at the back to make it look a bit more grimdark gothic. This is also the first outing for the the snow basing I'm doing for these guys - I'm quite happy with the... Erm... 'Melty' effect that water effects gives you.

Also, as an aside, the mould lines on these models are horrendous! And, because of the material they're made from, almost impossible to remove.


From now onward ive re-jiged my hobby budget allowence (to force me to paint more). So now the money I have available to spend is:

((Total value of what I've painted or sold - total value of what I've brought)/2) + (number of groups of 5 models * £1.5).

So currently I've sold one guy, and painted three, with a total value of £41.19 (this new guy weighs in at £7.50). I've brought no new toys and I've not painted a group of 5 (such as a squad or a rank, not 5 individual characters). So the total available to me now is £20.60. Hopefully this new system will make painting groups of lower value models more worthwhile.

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