Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The cold dead...

I've made a start on my Kings of War Undead army. I've just got some shield decals and the front two ranks last to do and this unit is done! Hopefully I can get these guys sorted before my kickstarter haul arrives.

When I started this unit, I didn't really like mantic's range of skeletons, but during the time it's taken to finish them, they've actually grown on me. Mantic's stuff in general usually takes a little while for me to come around to (except the zombies. They were amazing from the get go) - in general I like their stuff (it's like the old-school gw stuff, but in plastic), and the relatively low entry point (price wise) is always a plus.

Now I'm faced with a tough decision, do I start a veer-myn force now, or wait until the inevitable Warpath kickstarter.


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